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As Materials Management / Retail specialists for SAP R/3, recognised worldwide by the additional qualification:

SAP R/3 Certified Application Consultant
Materials Management* / Retail*

we learnt wide-ranging and complex SAP R/3 System processes for the those fields.

Our technical profile corresponds to the demands of modern organised business and consulting companies.

Below you can view  the course content which was prepared in close co-operation with SAP AG:

KL General Computer Studies
2 Weeks Computer Basics / MS-Office
1 Week MS-Project
1 Week Databases / MS-Access
1 Week Network Techniques
1 Week Client-Server-Architectures
SAP Basics
On these courses, participants gain a basic understanding of the SAP Systems. The main focus is on describing the basic concepts of the systems, applications and products with the help of examples, and on explaining how the different relationships work in oder that attendees acquire a solid overview.
SAP 20 SAP R/3 Overview
SAP 60
SAP 80
SAP 81
Economics - Internet Solutions
R/3 Service & Support
OSS (Online Service System)
LO Logistics Materials Management
Materials Management models the
business processes involved in 
Purchasing, Inventory Management,
and Invoice Verification. Purchasing
deals with the procurement of
materials and services. Inventory
Management encompasses both
aspects of managing materials on
a quantity basis as well as on a
value basis.
LO 150 SD Processes in Sales & Distribution
is an overview of the main business processes, and describes: Presales activities, Sales order processing, Inventory Sourcing (in-house production/external procurement, Shipping, Billing and Customer payment.
LO 20 Processes in Procurement
An overview of the most important elements of the procurement process. Each step in the procurement process is illistrated and practiced using examples of how stock material and consumable material are procured. The course also deals with the requirements planning and financial accounting aspects of the procurement process.The exercises are carried out in a model company.  
LO 510
LO 511
Inventory Management
Physical Inventory
not only deal with the individual business transactions in Inventory Management, but also with the complete procurement process for consignment stocks.
LO 521
LO 985
Pricing in Purchasing
Explores different ways in which the classification system can be used in R/3.
LO 520

LO 515
LO 525
Purchasing Details & Optimization
deals with functions and settings that accelerate or facilitate purchasing and support the buyer in making decisions

Invoice Verification
Consumption-Based Planning and Forecasting

deal with the funtions and settings of each application
LO 955
CA 535
LO 540
Batch Management
Valuation of Materials
Procurement of External Services
deals with the special features of the procurement process for Services
LO 550 Cross Functional Customizing in MM
supplements the other courses. It deals with various customizing topics that cover several areas of Materials Management (for example, automatic account determination, message determination and customizing for list functions).
CA 090 ASAP R/3 Implementation
IRT International Retail
IRT 110 Assortment Planning
deals with the processes that typically take place at the head office of a retailing company. You see how a new article is introduced using Article Maintenance, a process which includes creating the article, listing it with a vendor, defining purchase and sales prices, and structuring your assortment.
IRT 120 Merchandise Procurement & Distribution
deals with important logistics processes in retailing. On the one hand, you see requirements planning for a distribution center and replenishment for its stores (retail sector); and on the other hand, you see how to deliver to customer companies (wholesale sector).
IRT 230 Assortment Controlling using the Retail Information System
deals with the technical features of the functional aspects of the Retail Information System.
IRT 250 Configuration of Assortment Planning
describes the parameters that control the processes you saw in 110/120. Also treated: the principle retailing organisational units and their maintenance.
IRT 260 Store Connection
deals with the processes for supplying stores with data and for processing data sent by a store to the central SAP Retail system. the parameters for controlling these processes are also discussed.
BC ABAP/4 Basic Components
BC 400 Workbench Overview
teaches the basics of the ABAP language and how to work effectively with the tools.
BC 405 Techniques of List Processing
This course teaches reporting, query tools, logical databases, user interactive list processing, list design, control level processing and internet reporting capabilities.
BC 410 Transaction Processing
provides detailed information on screen objects, transaction processing and screen controls.
KL Business Economics
2 Weeks Econimics Theory (MM)
2 Weeks Retail Concepts
[LO = Logistics] [IRT = Industry Solution: Retail] 
[CA = Cross Application] [BC = Basic Components]
[SD = Sales & Distribution]